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Mobile Embedded Computer System
The main research topics are to investigate operating system issues regarding mobile computing, and to study various issues on embedded computing and implement embedded software. We are also interested in middleware interoperability issues and fault recovery schemes for smart home networks.

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Computer Vision
The main goal is to develop visual information processing systems for intelligent computers that are aware of outside environments.
Main topics are online and offline character recognition and intelligent document processing.

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The objective lies in research on next-generation database systems and database application system. Research interests include XML, Web Data Management, Stream Data Management, Mobile Data Management, and Sensor Network Databases.

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Computer Graphics
The main goal research on methods to express real-would objects using computers. Main topics are Non-Photorealistic Rendering,flight simulation, plant modeling/rendering, animation, image-based rendering, and global illumination.

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Computer network
The main goal is to develop new protocols for internet environments. Main research topics are computer networks, protocol implemenation, and real-time systems.

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E-Commerce & Internet Application
Research is focused on next generation web technologies (Web Services, Semantic Web, and Mobile Web), Information Retrieval and Search Engine, and Intelligent Home Network System.

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Algorithm & Information Seurity
We are interested in design and analysis of algorithms in diverse areas of computer-related fields, Information security in RFID systems, and detecting adversarial information retrievals in the Web.

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Visual Image Media
The goal is research on analysis and understanding of features and patterns in images. Main topics include facial recognition and media-related applications.

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High-Speed Communication
The main goal is research on high-speed routers, which are expected to be the crucial element of high-speed data and voice communication. Main topics are High-speed cell/packet switch, IP routing system S/W, IP Forwarding Engine system S/W, Multiprotocol Label Switching-System, and Protocol Engineering/Verification.

Tel : 82-2-820-5310
Human-Computer Interaction
The objective is research on human-computer interfaces for providing users with a more friendly and convenient environment.
Main topics are pattern recognition via image, voice, and satellites, embedded software architecture, and mobiles systems.

Tel : 82-2-820-5257
Bio-Knowledge Engineering
The main goal is solve problems in bioinformatics using artifiial intelligence methods. Main topics are prediction through extraction and analysis of bio-information.

Tel : 82-2-821-5304
Ubiquitous Computing
The objective is research on ubiquitous computing that enables users to access seamless services in varying network environments.
The main research areas include Wireless Sensor Network (WSNs), Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs), Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs), Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs), and Ubiquitous Computing Platforms.

Tel : 82-2-070-7568-8419
Real-time Software Engineering
This area resolves issues in software engineering and real-time systems. Main research topics are event-based systems, unit testing frameworks, aspect-oriented developement, and run-time monitoring for time-critical software.

Tel : 82-2-820-5829
The main goal is to effectively and efficiently visualize 3D objects using principles of computer graphics and human perception.
Main research topics include perceptual graphics, real-time graphics rendering, NPR, virtual reality, and medical simulation.

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Virtual Reality
The main objective is to develop novel techniques and application systems for virtual reality and biomedical visualization based on the theory of image processing and computer graphics.

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Image Analysis
The ultimate objective is to develop the science and technology of machines that see. The visual information from various types of images is analyzed baded on mathematical theories and engineering methods in order to interpret images. The artificial intelligence systems in vision are desired in a variety of real-world applications, and are consequently a major interest.

Tel : 82-2-820-5842
Knowledge Engineering
The goal is to study how to represent various kinds of knowledge from information sources. Particularly, web and social networks are the main target to collect the knowledge.

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84 Heukseok-Ro (Building 208, 5th floor), Dongjak-gu, Seoul 06974, South Korea.   TEL:82-2.820.5301