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  • Sung Jo Kim
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Texas at Austin
    Research FieldMobile and embedded systems
    LectureOperating systems, Design of Embedded System
  • Young Bin Kwon
    Education(Ph.D.)University of ENST at Austin
    Research FieldComputer Vision
    LectureInformation standardization, Capstone Project
  • Hyun Chul Kang
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Maryland
    Research FieldDatabase Systems
    LectureDatabase Design, DB Systems and Programming
  • Kyung Hyun Yoon
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Connecticut
    Research FieldComputer Graphics
    LectureComputer Graphics, Discrete Mathematics
  • Chang Yun Park
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Washington
    Research FieldComputer Network
    LectureNetwork Application and Design, Computer Communication
  • Sang Yong Han
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Minnesota
    Research FieldeCommerce and Internet Applications
    LectureData Structures, Computer Architecture
  • Sung Kwon Kim
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Washington
    Research FieldAlgorithms
    LectureInformation Security Theory, Automata and Formal Languages
  • Kwang Nam Choi
    Education(Ph.D.)University of York(UK)
    Research FieldPattern Recognition, Image Processing
    LectureComputer Systems and Assembly Language, Image Processing
  • Jae Hyun Park
    Research FieldHigh-Speed Communication
    LectureData Structure, Design of Data Structure
  • Jae Hwa Park
    Education(Ph.D.)State University of New York
    Research FieldHuman Interface, Ppattern Recognition
    LectureMultimedia Computing, Engineering Mathematics
  • Dae Won Kim
    Research FieldArtificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics
    LectureArtificial Intelligence, Algorithms
  • Sung Rae Cho
    Education(Ph.D.)Georgia Institute of Technology
    Research FieldWireless Network, Ubiquitous computing
    LectureLogic Circuit, Design of Computer Program, Wireless and Mobile Communication
  • Chan Gun Lee
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Texas at Austin
    Research FieldReal-time systems, Software Engineering
    LectureSoftware Engineering, Design Pattern
  • Chang Ha Lee
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Maryland
    Research FieldComputer Graphics, Visualization
    LectureNumerical analysis, Design of Game Computer, Computer Programming
  • Bong Soo Sohn
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Texas at Austin
    Research FieldComputer Graphics, virtual Reality
    LectureC Programming, Object-Oriented Programming
  • Byung Woo Hong
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Oxford
    Research FieldComputer Vision, Medical Image Processing, Image Analysis
    LectureCreative Design, Discrete Mathematics
  • Jason J. Jung
    Education(Ph.D.)Inha University
    Research FieldKnowledge Engineering, Social Networks, Big Data, Semantic Web
    LectureSoftware Programming, Data Structure
  • Jeongyeup Paek
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Southern California
    Research FieldWireless and Networked System
    LectureComputer Architecture, Algorithms
  • Joongheon Kim
    Education(Ph.D.)University of Southern California
    Research Field5G Communications and Platforms, Mobile Video Streaming
    LectureOperating Systems, Calculus
  • Junseok Kwon
    Education(Ph.D.)Seoul National University
    Research FieldComputer Vision
    LectureLinear Algebra
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